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Concerts and Workshops

Archie Edwards guest artist wall.jpg

An important part of the mission of the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation is increasing public awareness of and appreciation for acoustic blues, with particular emphasis on the Piedmont style that originated in the Southeast region of the country. Drawing audiences of music lovers from around the Washington region, Archie’s Barbershop has hosted concerts by nationally and internationally known acoustic blues artists. Often, these artists also conduct workshops to enhance participants’ skills on instruments such as guitar, harmonica, hand percussion, and ukulele. The Foundation also offers instrument workshop series taught by local blues musicians.

Since 2009, Archie’s Barbershop has presented dozens of the best touring acoustic blues acts; several have performed more than once. As the list below shows, the Barbershop has hosted a veritable Who’s Who in the world of acoustic blues. Each guest artist was asked to sign a wall in the Riverdale Barbershop to commemorate their appearance,  Before building renovations were to begin, the signature wall was saved in the photograph above.  This page presents just a small selection of photographs from the performances and workshops that have taken  place at Archie's Barbershop.

Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation Concerts and Workshops


Adam Gussow

Allen Holmes

Andy Cohen

Annie Raines & Paul Rishell

Albert Cook & Innes

Arthur Migliazza

Austin Cane

Blue Rhythm Boys

Bullfrog Willard McGhee

Del Ray

Dennis Gruenling

Dom Turner

Donna Herula

Doug McLeod

Eleanor Ellis

Elijah Wald

Eric Noden & Joe Filisko

Erin Harpe


Ernie Hawkins

Gaye Adegbalola

Grant Dermody

Guy Davis

Jerron Paxton

Jon Shain

John Cephas

Juke Junkies​

Kelly Hunt

Lauren Sheehan

Lea Gilmore

Lightning Wells

Maria Woodford

Mary Flower

Martin Grosswendt

     & Susanne Schatz

M.S.G.- Acoustic Blues Trio

Otis Taylor

Paul Geremia

Phil Wiggins

Piedmont Bluz

Poor Howard

Queens of Everything

Rich Del Grosso &  John de la Torre           Richardson

Richmond Boys – Andrew Alli,

     Justin Golden, Josh Small

Roddy Barnes

Rory Block

Scott Ainsley

Shari Kane & Dave Steele

Steve James

Tad Walters

Toby Walker

Concerts and Workshops List
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