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News and Announcements

2021 Fundraising Drive'

Message from Willie Leebel

Foundation President

This year has been a challenging one for all of us, to say the least. Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation didn’t have the kind of year we had hoped and planned for – one filled with weekly jams, concerts, workshops and more – all designed to create ways to bring the acoustic blues community together.

If you were like me, instead of spending time together in person, we spent time in front of screens, working to keep the music and our connections to each other alive through online jams and workshops. Through it all, we have been committed to continuing the tradition learning and playing acoustic blues established by Archie Edwards in the 1950s.

We’re mindful of health and safety concerns. Our jams often have been held outdoors following County and State COVID guidelines, including checking vaccination records, social distancing and wearing masks. We have also held indoor activities when conditions allowed. Because we livestreamed our jams via Facebook Live, people from all over the world made music with us and became part of our community. During the next few months, we’ll continue to expand these programs. That may mean in-person activities, but at a minimum will include virtual jams, workshops, and open mic opportunities.

To do this, we need your help. The Foundation operates on a meager budget funded primarily by generous donors like you and the invaluable help of volunteers who give their time and skills to keep the organization going. Every dollar we receive supports our programs and operations. We have no employees, only volunteers who do what they do because they love the acoustic blues community.

The Foundation’s mission is to keep acoustic blues traditions alive though education, performance and community. We believe our programs enrich the lives of those who are part of our community. If you have been affected by what we do, or you just love the music, please consider donating to the Foundation to help us continue to be a positive voice in the world. If you’ve already contributed this year, thank you, and please consider giving a little more if you can. Whatever you contribute will help us keep the acoustic blues traditions alive.

To donate, click on the yellow DONATE button at the very bottom of this page or

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Acoustic Blues Jams

Saturdays, 1-5 pm 
Proof of vaccination required

Weekly acoustic blues jams have resumed indoors.  Due to continuing Covid concerns and to protect the health of our community:  All attendees must present proof of vaccination and wear masks unless singing or playing a harmonica or horn.

About the Saturday Jams


We welcome an eclectic mix of acoustic instruments -- guitars and harmonicas, piano, fiddles and mandolins, “bones” and other hand percussion instruments, flutes and horns, upright bass, accordions, vocalists, as well as unusual instruments such as washtub bass and musical saws.  Listeners are welcome too!

Location of "Archie's Barbershop"

Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation

4502 Hamilton Street

Hyattsville, Maryland


Upcoming Events

Acoustic Blues Jam

Saturdays, 1-5 pm,

Weekly Saturday acoustic blues jams have resumed indoors at Archie's Barbershop. Proof of Covid vaccination required, and masks must be worn unless singing or playing a harmonica or horn.

Saturday, December 11  1-5 pm

AEBHF Holiday Party

Celebrate the holiday season at an outdoor-indoor party at Archie's Barbershop.  Enjoy food and beverages, heaters and a fire pit for warmth, and acoustic blues. .  Participants are encouraged to bring side dishes or desserts to share.  Proof of Covid vaccination required and masks must be worn indoors.

Friday, January 7, 8 pm

Concert: Jon Shain

Known for his fiery acoustic guitar work, Jon's improvisations combine Piedmont blues with bluegrass, swing, and ragtime.

Saturday, January 8, 10:30 am

Guitar Workshop: Jon Shain

In this hands-on workshop, Jon will help students move beyond their plateaus, focusing on fingerstyle blues

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For more information about these upcoming events, go to the Events/Calendar page on this site.




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The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation is keeping acoustic blues traditions alive.  Through weekly Saturday jams, performances, workshops, exhibits, and lectures, AEBHF carries on the educational mission of celebrated Piedmont blues artist Archie Edwards. 


Archie Edwards (1918-1998) was a barber, teacher, storyteller, and master of the Piedmont style of blues guitar.  “Archie’s Barbershop” in Northeast Washington, DC, was a gathering place where generations of musicians and friends came to listen to and learn the music.  

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Continuing a tradition that began more than 50 years ago by Archie Edwards at his barbershop, AEBHF hosts an acoustic blues jam every Saturday afternoon.  Musicians of all skill levels are welcome, and many music lovers stop by just to listen.